Women as Agents of Change

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young people, this extraordinary project gives young people a voice by promoting literacy, academic excellence, story telling, reflection, awareness and creativity. Across the Commonwealth, the Competition generates huge amounts of good will, loyalty and enthusiasm.

Established in 1883, the Commonwealth Essay Competition - 'Write around the World' - has evolved into a unique education project with over 50,000 students participating annually in schools around the globe.

Writing is a universal mode of expression: no matter what their scholastic or social background, young people all over the world have access to pens and paper or a computer.

The essay topics for 2011 are based around this year's Commonwealth theme: Women as Agents of Change.

Class A - 16-18 years (Born between 2 May 1992 and 1 May 1995). Word count 1400-1750.
Class B - 14-15 years (Born between 2 May 1995 and 1 May 1997). Word count 1200-1500.
Class C - 12-13 years (Born between 2 May 1997 and 1 May 1999). Word count 500-700.
Class D - Under 12 years (Born after 2 May 1999). Word count 300-600.


CLASS A (AGE 16-18) AND CLASS B (AGE 14-16)
EITHER Tell us about a woman who has been an agent of change in your community or country OR Discuss the statistic that 51% of the world are women but only 8% of countries have an elected female leader.

And so she made her case…
'If you educate a boy, you educate an individual but if you educate a girl you educate the whole nation.' Do you agree?
EITHER Girl power! OR, Boy power!
JUBILEE QUESTION: A day in the life of… Pick a day from the last sixty years and tell us what happened in your family, in your community or your country.



Write an adventure story set on an island or at sea involving a sister and a brother
EITHER Imagine the life of a girl in another Commonwealth country. How might her life differ to that of girls in your own country? OR Discuss whether you would rather have been born a boy or a girl?

Who would you choose as your 'Woman of the Year 2011'?
Write a story or poem called 'Grandma saved the day'
JUBILEE QUESTION: A day in the life of… Pick a day from the last sixty years and tell us what happened in your family, in your community or your country.



1. The Competition is open to students who are a citizen of or resident in a Commonwealth country or territory. 2. All entries must be accompanied by a copy of the entry form which has been certified by either a member of staff of the school, college or organisation submitting the entry or a parent or guardian if entering individually. 3. All entries must be written in English.

4. Candidates may only submit one entry which must be written on a single topic. 5. Candidates should calculate the age they will be on 1 May 2011 and select a topic from the Class that corresponds with their age on that date. 6. Entries are liable for disqualification on the following criteria: - the entry is not certified

- no date of birth is given
- the candidate is too old for the Class entered
- the entry is too long or too short in relation to the specified word count. 7. All entries become the property of the Royal Commonwealth Society with the right to publish.

Use white A4 paper only
Write only on a single side of the paper
Write your name and the title of the essay on the top of each page
Put the correct word count at the end of the essay
Number all pages clearly

It is important that your ENTRY FORM, COPYRIGHT FORM and a photocopy of your BIRTH CERTIFICATE are attached securely to your essay on submission. We will not be able to...
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