Women Are Saner Than Men

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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Women are Saner than men by dave barry

I believe that, in general, women are saner than men.
For example: If you see people who have paid good money
to stand in an outdoor stadium on a freezing December day
wearing nothing on the upper halves of their bodies
except paint, those people will be male.

Without males, there would be no such sport as professional
lawn mower racing. Also, there would be a 100 percent decline
in the annual number of deaths related to efforts to shoot beer
cans off of heads. There would be no such words as “wedgie''
and “noogie''. Also, if women were in charge of all the world's
nations there would be -I sincerely believe this- virtually
no military conflicts, and when there were a military
conflict, everybody involved would feel just awful and
there would soon be a high-level exchange of thoughtful
notes written on greeting cards with flowers on the front,
followed by a Peace Luncheon (which would be salads,
with the dressing on the side).

So I sincerely believe that women are wiser than men,
with the exception of one key area, and that area is:
clothing sizes. In this particular area, women are insane.
When a man shops for clothes, his primary objective
-follow me closely here- is to purchase clothes
that fit on his particular body. A man will try on a
pair of pants, and if those pants are too small, he'll
try on a larger pair, and when he finds a pair that
fits, he buys them.

Most men do...
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