Women Are Great Leaders

Topics: Leadership, Benazir Bhutto, Management Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: December 5, 2012
There are two powers in the world,one is "SWORD" and the other one is "PEN".However,there is a third power stronger than the both and that is of the women. Honourable principal,respected jury,dignified teachers and dear fellows Asalam-o-alaikum and a very good morning to you all. The topic under discussion is "WOMEN ARE GREAT LEADERS".It really feels disgusting to hear words against women from the mouth of the promising girl.Its really not palatable for me that how one can speak against herself.The lady who has spoken quite confidently infront of you people has almost proved that women are not great leaders and cant lead.But what she was speaking is really unacceptable. Convincing all leading all but what that "WE CANT CONVINCE & CANT LEAD" Thats amazing we must applaud for her helplessness. My dear friends!

I doubt on what she has spoken that islam does not allow women to rule.Because islam has given equal rights to men and women & This is a totally different topic and has no concern with this debate.I really dont want to talk on this topic but one thing I will like to add that on one occasion Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W.W) said that: "a female ruler will never be successful" He(S.A.W.W) never said that women are not allowed to rule. There is no restriction of women rule in Islam,however its not"pasndida amal"not becuase women are weak in intellectual grounds but because they are more emotional then men. Jamait-ul-Alazhar university had declared once that women rule in Islam is Allowed. My dear friends !We need to know who is a women.

A women is the one who is the symbol of progress and development.She is the one to face hardships of life.She is the one to face all challenges confronting her. If she is a working lady,then she is the one to get up early in the morning,do her household works and fulfill her duties diligently and effectively. A women is an essential and basic element of society.

Women are the best leaders...
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