Women Are Better Than Men

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  • Published : November 3, 2012
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Women are Better than Men
English Research Paper
Regina Erica T. Varilla
January 25, 2012

As to the talk of gender superiority, it is clear that history had given men the advantage. For the past several millennia, men had worn the crown of authority, seated upon the highest seat of honor, and wielded the mighty arm of power. For all those years, women had no chance but to fall under power, to live a life of service and obedience, and to remain invisible, oppressed and inferior.

Times change, however, and along with modernization came a tsunami of altercation. Riding on top of those powerful waves, with full control of the situation, are women.
Research and statistics have proven that women are rapidly gaining dominion of almost every good aspect in life. In academics, for example, girls are receiving most of the awards and positions, including the top rankings and extra-curricular activities such as the yearbook and the student journal. Even in fields wherein men are known to be specialized in, women are now thriving. In jobs, statistics show that the jobless rates for men are sky-rocketing while the jobless rates for women are going to an all-time low. Simply put, this means that men are being put out of commission while women are flourishing.

More and more women are now standing up from their previous position of kneeling at the feet of men. Recently in India, 285 girls shed “unwanted” names. In Africa, 49% of the parliament is now composed of women. A revolution is happening, and this is proof of it.

This research paper covers the comparison between men and women at the subjects of physical weakness, emotional weakness, Biblical origins, safe driving, and the ability to survive in society, including academic ability, endurance, and independence. Objective

The main objective of this research paper is to prove women’s superiority in most aspects, especially in this generation. Other aspects include:
* To empower women more
* To show the true potential of women
* To prove to society that this is an era for women
* To bring about a reformation
* To end the debate over gender superiority for all time
* To end discrimination on women
* To let the world see the multiple values of women in humankind

Significance of Study
This research paper strives to prove the superiority of women over men as multiple evidences prove. Due to a long history of males being the superior gender, society has failed to see entirely the concept that a new era has come, and along with it, another call for change; a change which demands society to remove the blindfold of habitual ways and to accept the world with its new leaders: Women

First and foremost, his research paper will affect women in the sense that they will hopefully see and understand that humanity, even though it may not yet fully realize it, has already accepted them as the new superpowers, and that the world is ready for their taking. They just have to stand and have the confidence, which hopefully shall be further strengthened by this collection of data, to rule supreme, as they are made to be. This research paper shall help empower other women to face the world without fear, knowing that the circumstances are favorably on their side.

The contents of this research paper shall also affect men, though in a different approach. It shall be an eye-opener for them who believe in women being the inferior gender, and hopefully make them see that women are no longer the weaklings they previously thought women are. As for those who are not subject to such beliefs, this shall also affect them due to the huge probability of men being overrun soon, and may be required to find a way to save themselves in the near future.

Another group of people predicted to find interest in this paper shall be the feminists. By showing that women are steadily growing into power and seating themselves in chairs of authority, it is then...
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