Women and the Media

Topics: Britney Spears, Gender, Gender role Pages: 3 (1194 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Maddion Egloff

Women and the Media

The media has conveyed a clear message that limits and often disparagingly portrays women in stereotyped roles. This is not only the foundation of such rising epidemics such as eating disorders, self-mutilation and depression, it has a direct correlation to the glaring under-representation of women in all positions of power and influence in America. The average person sees over 1500 advertisements a day, that is approximately one every minute. This saturation of media and society's involuntary exposure to advertisements exerts an enormous influence on our thoughts. Media has a profound effect on society. It dictates and shape the thoughts of what people perceive as sexy, cool, and even what is not. This is especially true in advertisements that feature women. Because of the media's distorted view of women and their roles in society, studies show it will take 75 years to achieve gender equality. Advertisements are the predominant factor in why women suffer from low self-esteem. Nearly all advertisements have some sort of image that implies a standard at which women should abide by. Often enough this leads to feelings of inferiority when these goals cannot be met. For instance, according a Canadian research and advocacy organization, it was found that women’s magazines are ten times more likely to contain articles and advertisements related to dieting than are men's magazines, and that three-fourths of women’s magazine covers feature articles about overhauling one's physical appearance. With so much emphasis on how women should look, and the unrealistic model being the standard, how are women supposed to feel? Magazines in general are often the culprit. They predominantly depict women in a stereotyped role, one that misconstrues what real women actually look and act like in society. Advertisement models fall victim to being exploited in a sexual manner. Often times, the models are in a compromising pose, or are...
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