Women and the Glass Ceiling

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  • Published : January 9, 2011
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The “Glass ceiling” is a contentious prone that continuously in demand interest. There are many statistics and assumptions that come into performance. As a matter of fact, many people find it hard to come to conclusion. The question that is asked is the glass ceiling really exists, or is it the barriers of a woman willingly to work hard to, maintain a balance between their homes and career lives. Women want to be recognized mentally the chance to achieve and to make progress without anyone or something obstructing their vision or access. Women are being blocked from advancing in their careers. Many women all ages are willingly to work hard for the work they want in life whether it’s forming their own corporation or just taken matters into their own hand where after retirement women start businesses of their own so that the glass ceiling won’t be a statistic women attend college to get a foot into the door for higher paying careers but then again it doesn’t always guarantee a high-paying job. Many women do continue to dominate low paying jobs but that’s because that’s what they are use of by nature but we shouldn’t be stereotype by it because we are just as a capable as men. We are capable of exploring many different job options not previously available to us if we really wanted to. Women may have to work harder than men to get to where they want but at the end they do get there with a little extra effort and the knowing of how to navigate the waters with educating themselves with jobs that offer an opportunity to advance. We actually should be put on a pedestal we are the one who have to juggle having a family and career and pay shouldn’t be based upon that. Women are willingly to maintain a balance between their homes even though she is view less stable when simultaneously working and raising a family; she plays many roles and can multi-task. She has endless responsibilities she will work, cook, clean, go to school and take care of the kids, but at the end...
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