Women and Society After World War 2

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  • Published : December 7, 2011
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Women and Society after World War 2
During the Second World War victory over Germany was threatened due to labor shortage both in America and Canada. Therefore women were encouraged to join the workforce. Government illustrated its propaganda through posters that were plastered all over cities which, conveyed women as the main sources of labor for the country. Women encouraged, by the support they received from the government, media and society immediately joined the home front working in the industrial production and served as nurses or officers in the army. During that period production remained efficient in terms of both quality and quantity. Consequently, it played an essential role in the success of the war; ending it victoriously for the Allied forces. Nonetheless the hopes and aspirations of women to further pursue their careers were cut short once the arrival of the men from the war begun. Similar propagandas were used by the government but the only difference was that it portrayed women content to be back to their old priorities, which were being housewives and domestic servants. Thousands of women were laid off in order to provide employment for the men who have returned from the war.

Even so, society’s ideology of women as inadequate creatures who served no purpose except taking care of household chores was forever changed. Through their tremendous dedication and utter perseverance women have proved to themselves and society that they are capable of performing any task, paving the way for the issues such as, women empowerment, independence and gender equality. Women felt empowered because they believed in themselves and were confident plus they were free from having to depend on their husbands to provide for their every need. Women were earning their own money; they were earning a living. The issue of gender inequality surfaced because women had proved their ability to perform compatibly to men but they were still being treated as though they were...
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