Women and Men Are Equal

Topics: Gender, New Zealand, Woman Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Women in New Zealand achieved full equality by 1893
The genders equality is quite a big problem in the whole world, and there is no exception in New Zealand. Some argue that New Zealand did because women could vote at that time. Some argue that New Zealand did not because females at that time have different wage to men. New Zealand did achieved women full equality in 1893 because women have got rights to vote at that time. Election is a really important event to a country’s future; therefore as New Zealander women should have rights to vote without anyone stopping them. This is an enormous event that every gender should need to co-operate each other. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? New Zealand did not achieve full equality between women and man in 1893 because women make up 75% of the New Zealand’s work force by using two thirds of the amount of New Zealand’s working time, but they only gain 10%of the overall income of New Zealand. The cause of that is because of the different wage of each gender get. New Zealand did not achieve full because women produce the majority of the New Zealand’s food, but they only own as little as 1% of the New Zealand’s property. In 1893, different genders would go to different schools and study different levels of knowledge or even subjects, and women suffers the most of the violence in the family. Women in New Zealand did or didn’t achieve full equality in 1893, it is always a mystery.
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