Women's Shoe Store Business Plan

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Executive Summary
Business Description

Executive Summary

TreadsOfFate (ToF) begins online operations in August, 2012, to offer a wide selection of women-only shoes to customers nationwide. ToF also has a unique business model that allows them to have an extensive selection at the cost of only stocking one size per style.

TreadsOfFate’s projected total sales for the first year of operations are Php1,200,000. Sales are projected to increase 10% annually for the next three to five years. TreadsOfFate expects to break even in the first year and be profitable in the second and remaining years.

The market for sandals, doll shoes, high heels, and stylish shoes is growing a a rate of 10 percent annually. TreadsOfFate has three major competitors, which is Nordstroms, Saks, and Vans. Because each of this major competitors, which only has a 30% share of the market, ToF believes that the market is underserved. Our focus on creating a product-based online store whose primary goal is to exceed customer's expectations gives us a competitive advantage in this marketplace.

Our potential customers are 1) Teen-aged girls, 2) Women interested in high-quality, fashionable, and stylish footwear, and 3) Professionals who will purchase shoes for their workplace, as well as for leisure time. With its roster of 6 highly experienced group of IT Experts and Business Managers, ToF is prepared to offer specialized services to each of these three potential client markets.

With a top management team and advisory board, an easy-to-use Website, and a strong marketing plan, ToF is poised to exploit our wide selection of...
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