Women's Role in Homer's Odyssey

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Introduction to communication
The communication process

Communication is a huge part of being human and allows us to connect with others on a deeper level because when we communicate we convey our thought, opinions and personal understanding of the world. The quote of Tubbs and Moss best describe the emissive part communication plays in our lives, humans ‘spend about 75 per cent of each day communicating’ (LMC107 course outline 2013:1). Communication is a sequence of events, dynamic, never-ending and ever-changing process meaning it has no fixed beginning nor end, nor fixed sequence of event in it from this viewpoint, communication can be define as a complex and dynamic process of exchanging meaningful messages (Introduction to communication 2013:13). This process has different components that influence and occur during an exchange of communication. In the communication episode that occurred between my mother and I, in the family kitchen, when deciding which university I would attend started with me asking, in a very nerves voice, my mother while speaking in our native language if she had any knowledge of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth which offered the course I was interested in taking, Bachelor of Arts in media, communication and culture. My mother responded with a smile and said she did not, as I presented my argument about why NMMU was the best choice my mother nodded her head and smile at varies points she seemed to agree with. The encounter ended with my mother agreeing to consider NMMU and that she would inform me of her decision at a later date. My communication encounter with my mother displayed the different components of communication which firstly are the roles people play in this process since I initiated the conversation I would be the sender and my mother is the receiver as she received my messages, this exchange of communication incorporates formulating messages and communicating them to others using verbal and...
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