Women's Role in Her Kind and Homage to My Hips

Topics: Woman, Gender role, Gender Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Woman’s role in Her Kind and Homage to My Hips
Although fiction has several underlying themes, poetry does as well. Poetry’s theme might even be a quite a bit more challenging according to the length of the literary work compared to that of a work of fiction. The theme is rarely pointed out. It is up to the reader to find the theme. Likewise Fiction, themes in poetry can also vary from each individual. The theme of woman and their roles in life throughout history have had a huge impact on literature. There are so many works that represent woman, whether it be positive or even negative. Furthermore, two extraordinary poems share a very powerful theme. In “Homage to My Hips” by Lucille Clifton and “Her Kind” by Anne Sexton, the theme of the oppression of women is apparent in both unique yet similar poems. Clifton and Sexton both have their woman mention what is expected of the typical woman in their societies. However, they both find their identities after all.

Starting with “Homage to My Hips” by Lucille Clifton, this poem humorously yet powerfully indicates the theme. Symbolism is used throughout the whole poem regarding her hips. Her hips symbolize power. This woman in this poem is comfortable in her own skin despite society’s point of views and expectations. In this time, society’s tradition of the perfect woman meant that she was often thin and small-framed. Although the woman does dispute that there is anything wrong with her shapely body, she does not put down society’s idea of perfect. Instead she glorifies her own body and speaks of how much she loves her curves. However, her words do not come across egotistical as they do dignified and proud. “, They don’t fit into pretty little places” (Clifton 4-5). These lines broaden how society typically views “pretty”. Her voluptuous hips do not “fit” into society’s standards. Those hips won’t hold her back from accomplishing what she wants to accomplish no more than society would a skinny girl. Although she...
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