Women's Rights Violation with Reference to Pakistan

Topics: Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Law Pages: 127 (46367 words) Published: November 13, 2012


Presented by:
Ch M Tariq Ali Goheer
LLM Session 2007-08
Roll No. M-13337

Presented to:
Supervisor / Professor Barrister
Mr. Khurram Saleem Baig
Dean Faculty of Law

Dissertation on Women’s Rights Violation with Special Reference to Pakistan.


Chapter #| Subject| Page|
1.| Introduction to Human Rights| 1-17|
2.| UNO Declaration for Human Rights| 18-23|
3.| UNO Women’s Rights Declaration| 24-38|
4.| Women’s Rights Study with Special Reference to Pakistan| 39-60| 5.| Women’s Right Violation in Pakistan| 61-96|
6.| Protection of Women (Criminal Laws Amendment) Act, 2006 | 97-114| 7.| Recommendations| 115-117|
8.| Conclusion | 118-123|
9.| Leading Cases| 124-127|
10.| Bibliography| 128-129|

Chapter No.1
Origin, Evolution and Growth of Human Rights
Meaning of Human Rights
“Human rights” means the rights relating to life, liberty, equality and dignity of the individual guaranteed by the Constitution or embodied in the International Covenants and enforceable by Courts in Pakistan.1 Concept of Human Rights old one

The concept of Human Rights, embodying the minimum rights of an individual verses his-own State, is as old as political philosophy. Concept of Human Rights is as old as ancient doctrine of natural rights' founded on natural law, nonetheless, the expression of “Human Rights” is of recent origin, emerging after the end of the second world war. History of Human Rights:

For centuries past, women all over the world have not only, been denied full justice, social, economic and political but as a "weaker sex" they have been used, abused, exploited and, then discarded to lead immoral, street vagrant and destitute life till their death. Although they constitute about half the total population and have contributed and sacrificed not less than men in the national freedom struggles at any point of time but they have been deprived of their due shares in various arenas of activities and have been' subjected to inhuman and humiliating wrongs from birth to death for no sin. The general though unfortunate impression has ever since, been that women are sub-human species, an object of contempt and ridicule, a commodity for barter, an expendable asset and a plaything for mere sexual enjoyment. The ancient Judo-Christian Society regarded women as ".a scorpion ever ready to sting", and pagan Arab saw in her the devil's whip. The Indian regarded women social evil to be burnt at pyre of her husband. Nowadays, However, women have broken their ill-social shackles and are ready to face the contemporary challenges without any help and hesitation and, consequently, March 8, is formally observed and celebrated in several countries, including India, as a mark of integrated achievements towards the equality of rights, status and dignity of women and their equal participation in economic, social and cultural development in contemporary world scenario.2 ________________________________________________________________________ 1. See Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993, Section 2(d).

2. See. 1999 Criminal Law Journal (Journal Section) at p. 17. Women constitute about one-half of the global population, but they are placed at various disadvantageous positions due to gender difference and bias. They have been the victims of violence and exploitation by the male dominated society all over the world. Ours is at tradition-bound society where women have been socially, economically, physically, psychologically and sexually exploited from time immemorial, sometimes in the name of religion, sometimes on the pretext of writings, in the scriptures and...
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