Women's Rights Organizations

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Women's Rights Organizations
Jessica Thammavongsa
August 4th, 2013
Michelle Ward

Women's Rights Organizations

For many years, throughout history women have fought hard political battles to win rights that men possessed automatically because of their gender. Since the early times women have been viewed as inferior and have had fewer opportunities. Today most women have gained legal rights throughout the world like the right to vote. American Women have made many strides in gaining rights and equality; however we still face some concern for women’s equality especially in the workforce. The Women’s Rights Organizations in the United States covers many years. The first gathering devoted to women’s rights in the United States was in 1848, when the first Women’s Rights Convention took place in upstate New York. In 1903 the National Women’s Trade Union League is established, improving working conditions and wages for women. The Women's Trade Union League, was an institution in reforming women's working conditions in the early 20th century. A lot of the major suffrage organizations were brought together with the goal of an amendment. In 1917, New York took on woman suffrage, when President Wilson changed his opinion on supporting an amendment in 1918, the politically things began to change. There is a Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which stipulates that no one should be discriminated against based off or race, color, origin, religion, or sex. Women were able to work in environments with men that were less compromising for them and more rewarding. In, 1920 suffrage for women was granted, and it appeared that women would finally be equal to man. Today, women are able to have prestigious titles as executive officers, become Governors, and so on. Progress has finally been made in the last 50 years towards equality for women in American to hold positions that years ago would not have been remotely possible for women to obtain. This has...
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