Women's Rights in the Middle East

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  • Published : May 6, 2011
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Women’s rights in the Middle East
This is focused on women in the middle east, in places such as China, Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan, etc. Women’s rights in this part of the world is very different than in the United States. Women are forced to live by the men’s rules. In China they throw little girls on the streets, leaving them starving to death because they think that there are too many women already, it’s part of their culture. Or they make the women abort the baby if it’s a girl, that’s called genocide. This topic is really interesting because it’s not what you see everyday in our country. It’s a different side and there are different concerns. Women live in the shadow, they don’t have a right to speak, sometimes they have to do demeaning things because it’s what it was intended that they should do according to their country’s rights. There are women that fight for their rights and to be treated equally. Some people approve that, others don’t. Some women are sick of being treated like slaves and they try to fight for what they want, but some of them get killed in the process because the men take that as rebellion. I’m in favor of those women who fight till the end, who want to make a difference. If I could help change the way people think in these countries, I would. In Afghanistan women try to fight for their freedom because it’s a society where mainly the men are in charge. And it is believed that men have to be deciding everything in the women’s lives, including marriage.
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