Women's Rights in Islamic Countries

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The Rights of Women in Islamic Countries

For many years women have been mistreated in society. While many nations now see men and women as equals, the Islamic community has yet to do such. Many Islamic counties, such as Iran, still abide by these unjust actions that take place against a person because of their gender. Women in Islamic countries are being controlled with what they are allowed to say, how they are allowed to dress, their political opinions, the types of employment they may hold, forms of punishment, and their political opinions. While most of the world has come to a consensus realizing men and women are equal, Islamic Law has yet to change.

Women is Islamic countries do have rights. Their rights aren’t nearly as reasonable as the rights that men have. Women in Islamic nations have the right to obtain an education, but only in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Iranian women have the opportunity to get an education, but it is not strongly enforced. Though they must usually gain their education through an all girls’ school, this is an advantage that the women are given. In the past many women were not allowed to attain an education. Next, under the Iranian Constitution it is the duty of the clergymen to construe laws dealing with women. Only religious males figures are permitted to discuss women’s rights. Unfortunately under these laws a woman’s life is only half as valuable as the life of a man.

The rights a woman has while married under the Islamic law are very strict and unjust. To begin, if a married woman wishes to apply for a passport, she must first have the consent of her husband. Without his consent she can go nowhere under the Iranian Constitution. In Iran, and Iranian woman’s husband has basic control over her actions. Article 105 of the Iranian Civil Code states that a woman is not allowed to leave her home without the permission of her husband. If her husband tells her not to leave the house, then under law she is forced to stay in....
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