Women's Rights in Egypt - Essay

Topics: Marriage, Wife, Woman Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: December 1, 2007
Women's rights in Egypt

By majority, In American culture today, women are independent, strong –minded individuals. We are no longer put on the back burner to be looked as the inferior ones with no say – so in the world of today. The modern woman no longer has the duty to stay at home and watch the children and do all the house chores all day while the man goes to work all day. Nowadays, women are considered equal as men in the workforce and at home. In "Another Evening At the Club," by Alifa Rifaat, the story is about a husband and wife in relation to woman's rights and the societal values. They use it against one another (men vs. ... In RifaatЎЇs Ў°Another Evening at the Club,Ў± this was one of the main themes. ... The woman is merely another piece of property. ... Another character from that same story, Ў°She saw in every girl a rival and adopted a sullen attitudeЎ¬ She saw her in the girl she would have liked to be, a girl who was both totally immersed in and yet completely above the underworld of bar violence and sex

In the short story, "Another Evening at the Club," Alifa Rifaat explores a male narrow-minded society in which one woman, Samia, awaits her husband, Abboud Bey, to return from the club. Samia has no rights in her marriage or in her daily life. She has to do whatever her husband tells her to do. Rifaat uses the setting, irony, and conflict to convey the idea of woman's inferior role. This story takes place in Egypt during the time of arranged marriages. "It was only a few years ago that she had first laid eyes on him at her father's house, meeting his gaze that weighed up her beauty and priced it before offering the dowry" (350). This practice of arranged marriages was common, but it gave the women no real rights. It was essentially telling them that they were property. In this story, Samia loses an expensive emerald ring from her husband. They blame the only person that had come into Samia's room in the...
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