women's right in south africa

Topics: Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, South Africa Pages: 6 (2319 words) Published: December 6, 2013
Nita Suchonsamran 28/04/2012 EC2, Section-3 Argumentative essay Women Rights in South Africa

Hidden inside the veil unbroken, Lies my soul still unspoken, Countless words still unsaid, Many thoughts still not expressed, I am an incomplete story, an unfinished song, I am an actor without a role, While walking on the road of life, I wait for my soul to be discovered, Until than this dejected soul lies in eternal torment. – Shamin Bashir Shah, from Importance of Women, 2009. Most people in developed countries would say women and men are treated the same, but they do not realize that in few countries, there are people who discriminate women. In some parts of Africa, women are not educated; their job is to only take care of household work and their children. There are millions of women each year who suffer from violence such as domestic violence, sexual harassment and rape. These are the issues women still face in now a day’s world (Bashir, 2009). Women rights are very important for global well-being. They are the one who helps in economical growth and also the one who gives birth and continue the society. Even though women rights have been solved enormously throughout the passing years, issues still exist from cultural to political (Shah, 2010). However, in the past recent years issues of women rights are discussed freely, which make it easier to solve it. Now a day, women are given more rights compared to the past years. Half of the working population consists of women, which means they are given rights to learn and work. Moreover, the fight those women did in nineteenth century to be given the rights to “vote” and share political views was set and obeyed by everyone until today (Trueman, 2012). However, women still suffer from discrimination in some countries, especially South Africa. Although it is said that boys and girls are treated the same but even today there are still certain limitations put on girls such as their sense of freedom and human rights. Many people are not aware of injustice towards women. In South Africa, there are hundreds of cases against women such as sexual harassment (rape) and domestic violence each year. According to the Country’s Medical Council 70% of girls have admitted that they were raped early in their teens in both the rural and urban areas. Moreover, one in twenty, men admitted freely that they raped women more than once. It is said that over the past centuries, males have been brought up and raised with the thought of being masculine and they can control women by forcing their powers (Botha, 2009). It is researched that even men who are educated and get good income for decent living, think it is cultural to rape women and is a part of being powerful and showing their superiority. According to the statistics, in the year 2007 there were 36,190 rape cases which makes South Africa the highest reported rape cases in the world till today (Lindow, 2009). This issue should be solved right now; it does not only affect the society but also has severe physical and mental health consequences on women. Relationships of families, relatives and co-workers are affected by such cases; the victim does not want to be a part of society anymore leading to not participating in any activity or even talk to people around. Domestic violence is also an aggression that happens among the people you should love and care about such as family. The main reason behind domestic violence is believed to be lack of women’s rights in the society. If women rights are not given any kinds of social rights, men would eventually come to a conclusion that they are superior to women. These women in South Africa usually suffer from such violence by their loved once even at home, the place they should be feeling safe and secure....
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