Women's Lifestyle Differences

Topics: 21st century, Human rights, 18th century Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: May 29, 2013
The lifestyle in which a woman leads has changed quite dramatically over the centuries. The most significant changes have occurred between the 18th and 21st century. Women of the 21st century live a lifestyle with more freedoms than women of the 18th century considering all of the rights they have gained. Women now strive for equal rights in all areas, whereas during the 18th century women were not allowed to have much of an opinion least voice that opinion or have the right do anything about it. Women of the 18th century were property of their men and were to act as so. They were not to shame their men by having any other opinion than what their husbands had told them to have. There are many differences between the rights of women of the 18th and 21st centuries.

One of the most publicized and talked about differences is a woman’s right to work outside of the home. During the 18th century women were not allowed to work outside of the home. They were to take care of their home, children, and husband. If a woman were to have such notions as to work outside of the home she would run the risk of not having the right to live in her community any longer. As for women of the 21st century, they practically have equal rights in almost every workplace, although there are still a few situations in which women would be put into sexually dangerous situations, so they are still not allowed. Women generally have a career of their own. In fact they are typically frowned upon if they do not contribute to their household by earning an income. As one may see, there have been a large amount of changes concerning a woman’s right to work outside of a home.

Another widely known difference of rights is a woman’s right to vote and voice her own opinion. During the 18th century a woman simply did not have the right to her own opinion let alone vote for it, whereas women of the 21st century have every right to their own opinion as well as the right to vote...
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