Women's Equality

Topics: Feminism, Discrimination, Gender Pages: 4 (1200 words) Published: December 18, 2012
A Woman’s Journey for Equality

Throughout history, the subject of women and their rights has been obscured by the dominance of the world created by the male gender. However, Canadian women have made significant achievements over a brief period of time to change the obstinate and incapacitated society people still live in today. Despite the tenacious crusade of over a century, the absolute attainment of women's equality still remains out of reach. With business and government roles, pay equity, domestic abuse and media in the way, women have not acquired their goal quite yet; especially the females of minorities in Canada. Although government laws have been introduced to prevent inequality, it is still regarded as just a formality by the assertive social order consisting of outdated morals and values. Suffice to say, most people are still hesitant to changing the traditional image of women although complete accommodation to the equality of women will gradually increase.

Often in the world of business, women are obstructed by "glass ceilings," wage gaps and verbal harassment such as stereotypes that limit their opportunities. Unfortunately, only 0.32% of Canadian women in 2009 were in senior management positions. This substantially small number refers back to the "glass ceiling" which prevents women from obtaining higher positions in a company (“Mommy”). Even when women were permitted to join World War 2, they took jobs such as nurses and drivers but never any jobs that required much skill or responsibility. This symbolizes how biased the world was to a woman's capabilities and how it still is. Compared to 1967, where women earned 58 cents for every dollar earned by a man, to modern day where women now earn 72 cents, the wage gap hasn't greatly improved at all and is still diminishing at an incredibly slow rate. (Coomber, 57) However, it is still a great progression in contrast to 1914 where women were paid only a small fraction of the total. Although the...
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