Women’s Roles Until the 1500s

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Women’s Roles until the 1500s
Author: Josephine J. Mundy
Instructor: Lynn Marlowe
HIS 103
June 13 2011

Women’s Roles until 1500s 2


In the ancient time, women had their place and their roles. It is very important for women to know where they stand in life and how to carry themselves. In many countries, the women’s roles were very different but common. The women of today are still playing a role of being a mother, a caregiver, a grandmother, a soldier in war and a child bearer. Women were sometimes misunderstood in the ancient times, because of the roles they played. They were ether forced into slavery or it was a family tradition that was to be followed. In the global perspective, many cultures are somewhat similar, but have are very contrast. Women in countries for example, China, India, and Rome are the few places that women’s cultures are mention and foretold. What were their roles? Who were they? Where did they reside? When did their roles change? And, how did their role affect others? Knowing how they lived their lives shows that some traditional things they did, are roles we as women are traditionally still mimicking.

Women’s Roles until 1500 3

Women of China
(The Zhou Dynasty)

The most important thing concerning the role of women according to Bella Vivante,”Women’s roles in Ancient Civilization” (1999) pg. 12, is family. During springtime when it’s autumn (770-481 B.C.E.) is Chunqiu Zuo Zhuan. Elite families were organized as patrilineal, kin exogamous groups when they were primary and secondary women and...
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