Woman Should Dress Modestly

Topics: Woman, Female, Culture Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: March 1, 2013
The daily declining level of morality in the world generally, and the daily upsurge of immorality even among children of a very young age is the result of the woman throwing away her values, throwing away her place in the home and throwing away her dignity. Our mothers and grandmothers and the ones before them did not have all the problems we have nowadays. Gone are the days when a woman was a woman. Its a shame today, women are becoming girls - who don't know where they belong anymore.

Before, nakedness was a taboo. Now its fashion. When I see such immodestly dressed women, what crosses my mind is the word "prostitute". It does not matter the position they are in life, what they do, where they are or who they are. The Law many times approves things that go against common sense. Primitive man used his common sense before the Law came. Laws have changed over-time but human beings are still born with a sense of right judgment. There are some kind of clothes that defy common sense. There are some kind of clothes that put into question the level of common sense and maturity of the "dressed". There is a difference between woman and girl. It might be acceptable for a girl, but not for a woman. Many people today are what they are (good or bad) because of their mothers. Even for adopted folks, a step father might not be able to play as much as a role as a step-mother. Now, for her to drag all her dignity on the floor of fashion and indecency is wrong.

A man can bare his chest and walk on the street. No questions asked, and yes, men are supposed to dress properly too. Women don't way-lay men, gather together and molestation a man. Its usually the other way around, a bunch of men, plan together to molest a woman.

Even if it was a 1-man to 1-woman thing, the man still has an upper hand. The chest of a man is not the same as the chest of a woman, even if the woman were flat chested. Even if she were flat-chested, as in totally nothing to nothing, flat as a table,...
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