Woman in Victorian Age

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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University of Human Development
College of Languages/English Department
Academic Year: 2011 - 2012


The Victorian and Modern Ages

Lecturer:Enas R. Azghar

College Address:Department of English
College of Languages



1. Course description3

2. Expected outcomes 3

3. Class procedure 3

4. Assessment and grading4

6. Course breakdown5-6


Course description

Studying Victorian poetry is a matter of constant interest for different types of people for the drastic changes and controversies within a society trying to find a compromise. This compromise of a middle way between being conservative or give in to change into modern life was forming a huge debate within individuals, both internally and externally. Thus prominent poetical figures will be discussed within lectures staring from the Victorian poets and ending with the modern era.

Expected outcomes

Students will be able to able to know about the following points

- the way that the English poetry developed through that age expressing different intellectual, spiritual, and mental reactions to a variety of concepts that helped the Victorian individual pace slowly into modernism.

- the language and how it was used at that time to express the different themes, psychological and intellectual worries within the poems.

- Comparisons in between the different modes of poetry popular in the Victorian and the Modern Ages.

Class procedure

Students will be asked to do their own home reading for the assigned poems, in which an overall understanding is a MUST for the poem, then the class discussion is based on revising what they already studies on a critical basis. Questions are asked from the teacher’s side to questions assigned...