Woman in Colonial America

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Analytical Paper # 1: Woman in Colonial America Woman have always played an important role in history, and also helped shape America into what it is today. Throughout history, the importance of gender roles was firmly established to maintain strong family structures. Which also meant, that woman had little to no rights in comparison to the men in colonial America. Woman in colonial times began to take notice of their inequality, and despite the hardships, pain and trials most of the woman experienced, they still succeeded in enduring some of the differences between their opposite sex. The social inequality many women had to face might have been the reason why many women opted to stay with the Natives after being captured. In colonial times, men dominated the world not only in power but also in number. A woman’s identity and property were always connected with the men in her life. As a child she would have been subordinate to her father, and upon marriage her identity and property then transferred to her husband. So even as a young child, woman had very few choices. Referring to the book, laws regulated her action and limited her identity in society. A woman was a legal incompetent, as children, idiots, and criminals were under the English law (14 Berkin). When woman were married they were stripped of all property, and everything she had became her husbands, to direct, manage and use. Married colonial woman had no voice, and their success and happiness relied completely on her husband.
During the 17th century, women’s work was extremely difficult, exhausting, and under appreciated. Most colonial women were homemakers who cooked meals, made clothing, and doctored their family as well as cleaned, made household goods to use and sell, took care of their animals, and sometimes maintained and tended the farm. Middle class and wealthy women also shared some of these chores in their households, but they often had servants to help...
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