Woman at Pt Zero

Topics: Woman, Wife, Sexual abuse Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Woman at Point Zero Response
Firdaus experienced many traumatic events as a child which shaped the way she came to view herself as a woman, and men as a whole. As a member of a low class islamic family, it seems as if much of her families frustrations with life were taken out on her. Her father was like all the rest in her islamic society, sometimes Firdaus couldn’t even tell him apart from the other men in her community. He was very hypocritical in that he, as all islamics, believed that while stealing, killing, and defaming a woman were sins however beatings ones wife was not. He frequently beat his wife, who would sometimes beat Firdaus in return. Firdaus’ mother was extremely subservient to her husband and only honored him, even though he beat her and her children. When there was no food, she would hide food for the father and he would eat infront of his starving children. In winter when it was cold, Firdaus would look to her mother for warmth, who would abandon her in order to keep her husband warm. Firdaus’ relationship with her uncle is a very interesting situation. Even though he would molest her and touch her while she slept, she still cared for him and enjoyed his comfort which most likely confused her in regards to not only him, but all men. Mohammadain was a boy Firdaus would experiment sexually with in the fields, which she thoroughly enjoyed until her mother found out and hired a woman to come and give her a clitoridectomy. She cried all night after this, knowing that a part of her was gone and would never return.

All of these complicated and controversial relationships make Firdaus feel oppressed and weighed down by her parents, and men as a whole. She was prevented from going to the fields and playing with Mohammadain which was the only thing in life she truly enjoyed. I find it very hypocritical that she was given a clitoridectomy for experimenting with Mohammadain, for if her parents would have payed more attention to Firdaus they would...
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