Woman and Pearl Diver

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  • Published : January 26, 2006
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The exhibit on the Japanese woodcuts was very interesting. I loved looking at the intricate pieces of artwork. The delicateness of each piece was so interesting to see and I was also fascinated by the colors of the work as well. I was amased by the interpretations of each poem in the artwork that the artist made. His interpretations were all very interesting. I also loved how the artist depicted the women and the child in the different pieces. Once I understood how it was done I was able to understand how much it took to make the delicate work put into the facial features. E even came to see how much the artist put himself into his work.

Out of all the artwork my favorite piece was the one titled A Woman dressed as a Pearl Diver Holding A Tobacco Pipe and bag. It was interesting to me because of the outfit the pearl diver was wearing. I kept wondering why a pearl diver would be wearing such a formal and divine flowing wrap instead of a tight wrap that fit the body tightly. The other one that I liked was the one of the mother nursing her baby. I loved the cute little toes and fingers on the baby. He looked so cute crawling over to momma to get feed. The features in fingers and toes were so finely done. I also loved the details put into the clothes in all of the pieces. I also noticed in all the works that showed the women inside there were three pieces of wall decorations and on the ones that were outside the artist put one piece behind the lady. In the wall hanging I also noticed the artist put as much intricate detail into them as he did into the rest of the picture. The artist was amazing with his work and carving that he did to get all the different sections of the work. He was very talented and good with his hands. Overall it was very fascinating and kept me thinking about each piece once I had read the poems that went along with each piece of artwork. It was well worth seeing.
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