Woman's Issues in Cambodia

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  • Published : July 21, 2010
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Name: O.Pvisoth
Women's Issues In Cambodia

In the past, woman seems to have much discrimination from the society. Women cannot do everything they want. The things they can do are, doing housework, looking after the children, and cooking. They are not allowed to work outside like men even the ability to accept knowledge; they have no change to get it because school didn’t provide education for women. Nowadays, women still don’t have equal right in some developing countries such as: the equality of working salary, domestic violent that put press on women .etc. Those are the problems that the women have to fact.

In woman's position as the gentler and weaker half of the human family been emphatically and generally questioned. Men assumed that this was woman's place; woman herself accepted it. It seldom occurred to anyone to ask whether she would go on occupying it forever.

Upon the mere surface of woman's organized protests there were no indications that she was desirous of achieving a fundamental change in her position. She claimed the right of suffrage and legislative regulation of her working hours, and asked that her property rights be equal to those of the man. None of these demands, however, affected directly the most vital factors of her existence. Whether she won her point or failed to win it, she remained a dominated weakling in a society controlled by men.

Why women still stand with those terrible situation and does find the law to protect? Under are the descriptions of women’s difficulty which was interviewed about what they are faced every day.

The first interviewee is Miss Phaly, age 25 years old, was born at Banteay Mean Chey province. She emigrated from her homeland to work in a factory in the city called “Cambodia Bolan_Hometextile @citylink.com.kh”. The factory address is #25-26, st 339, Sangkat...
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