Wolter's Brewery Case Synopsis

Topics: Marketing, Brewing, Economics Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Case Synopsis
The case is based on how Wolter’s, a brewing company was able to survive and grow with a distinctive marketing strategy. The company does a really good job by selling their products to the niche market and maintaining good customer relationships with the local consumers. Because the growth in their local market was limited they were considering exporting to other countries as an option to increase their sales. The stakeholders of the company competently adopted a problem solving technique. Although they were doing really well in the competitive market, they had to face some legal and political challenges. Overall, Wolters did a superior job by utilizing all the opportunities for better growth and improvement of the company.

Problem Identification
1. The very important problem that Wolter had to face was reviving its brand after being separated from InBev. It had to rebuild the organisational structure from the scratch. This was one of the biggest challenge the company had to face. 2. Facing political, legal challenges was other problem for the company. The company was bound with a lot of restrictions on alcohol advertising. It also lost a lawsuit against the association of brewers in Munich. This might give the competitors a chance to strengthen their product. 3. Another important problem that the company had to keep in mind was financing the high cost of bottling and canning facility. 4. Since the domestic market it marketed had a limited growth, it is challenging to decide whether to go international or stay in the regional market. As a huge investment would be needed for the company to go international and export. (domestic less growth, international more) 5. Developing new marketing segments and managing economies of scale can be challenging for the company.

Wolters Brewery is a brewer of beer located in the small city of Braunchsweig, Germany. In the early 2000’s it became a subsidiary of InBev, which was a multinational...
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