Wolfgang Mozart

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  • Published : May 23, 2012
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most important classical composers in history. By the age of four Wolfgang Mozart was playing the piano like a professional. He was writing his own music when he was five. He wrote over six hundred compositions. This essay will briefly outline the background of composer Wolfgang Mozart and then discuss an influence on him and a contribution he made to music. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. His father Leopold Mozart, a violinist and composer married Anna Maria and they had seven children but five of their children died in childhood. The seventh child, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the fourth child, Maria Anna Wolburga Ignatia survived. Wolfgang Mozart was playing the same piece of music as his sister when he was four and he wrote his own music when he was five. He wrote an opera and it was very successful when he was just fourteen. In 1782, Wolfgang Mozart married Constanze Weber and they had six children. As family members increased, his debts did too. His income was not balanced with expenses. Wolfgang Mozart died in Vienna, December 5, 1791 at the age of thirty five because of illness. He was buried the day after he died, during a storm so no one went to his funeral. After Wolfgang Mozart died, no one could find his grave because his grave had been unmarked and his body was unidentified. He was very poor when he died, his family had a lot of debts so his wife had no money to use for his funeral Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did not have a lot of influences but a huge influence was his father. When Mozart was young he used to attend the piano lessons that his father gave to his sister so he always wanted his father to teach him too. His father began to teach Mozart when he was four and after a short period of time, he started to see his son’s talent because Mozart was able to learn and play very complex pieces of music very quickly so his father decided to train him. He had a very...
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