Wodaabe Tribe of Niger’s Culture

Topics: Anthropology, Eye, Culture Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Culture is a process for identity of living creatures and cultural evolution raises the identity of society .According to British anthropologist Sir Edward, culture is a system of human behavior and thought .Culture developed by philosophy, trust, methods, traditions, art,language, food habits, and economy. To live in a group, each living life is linked in culture whether people or animals. Culture is natural development during birth and its progress is based on intellect reaction to encounters and needs. Every society has a culture that carries it social rules. These rules are an unwritten code of conduct which is learned continuously throughout life. For Example, people from Wodaabe tribe of Niger don’t own any land because in their culture, people shouldn’t own land. To them, owning land is like owning sun. Culture passes from one generation to another. For instance, Wodaabe tribe of niger celebrates “Geerewol” festival. The “Geerewol, is a kind of marriage market or a celebration of love and beauty”, where young men and women present themselves for admiration, hoping to find partners for love and marriage. The men dress as uniquely as possible within their limited means. They make their own jewelry and use inside of the burnt out battery. The festival may last 10 days. It was passed to them from their old generation. Though cultures are unique to societies they have some universal similarities. You will find that in most cultures beauty has a special meaning. For Wodaabe, men being beautiful means being long and slender of shape, having a light skin and clear white teeth and eye white, large dark eyes and strait nose. The clothes, jewelry, decoration and make up are all used to emphasize these elements of physical beauty. During the Geerewol, the young men dance for hours, showing their beauty and endurance. The young women are looking...
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