Wlan Security Threats

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I heard that you were installing a wireless LAN in your small business, but you were concerned about security. Well when it comes to installing a wireless LAN, there are several security threats that you should be aware of beforehand. There are four common security threats, which are drive-by hackers, war drivers, unprotected access points, and rogue access points.

Drive-by hackers, which are the most serious threats of them all, are people that sit outside a company’s premises and intercept the firm’s data transmissions. They can also mount denial-of-service attacks, send malware into the network, and do other mischief. You should watch out because the software that they use is usually downloaded from the Internet. War drivers are people who drive around a city looking for working access points that are unprotected. War driving is not illegal. Only if they break in do they become drive-by hackers. Unprotected access points are access points that drive-by hackers can associate with by gaining access to the local area network without going through the site firewall. And rogue access points are unauthorized access points that are set up by a department or an individual. They often have poor security, so it makes drive-by hacking a much easier task.

To prevent these threats from happening, you should follow the 802.11 core security standards, which provides protection between the wireless access point and the wireless host. This protection includes confidentiality, authentication, and message integrity. A drive-by hacker cannot intercept traffic to read it or send its own messages to the access points. But since this protection isn’t provided from end-to-end, you should also use 802.11i security protection, which uses extremely strong AES-CCMP encryption. It has a 128-bit key encryption and a key management method for automatically changing keys. It uses the strongest security algorithms, so it...
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