Wk 6 Checkpoint: Program Improvement Opportunities

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WK 6 CheckPoint: Program Improvement Opportunities
Looking into a program and trying to locate its strengths and weaknesses before it gets out of hand is essential for a program to operate smoothly. Some may feel that there is nothing wrong with a program until they take a closer look into it. One small flaw can take a whole program down with it. It is vital to stay on top of all aspects of the program. Asking a few simple questions like, what is going wrong, what could be better, what needs to be fixed now, and what can wait, can help a program thrive. Finding a problem before it is a problem can help a program save funds, and the integrity of the program. Let’s say that a program has a computer program and only 4 to 5 of the people in the office use this program because they do not know how to use it. Is the problem with the computer program or the training required to operate the computer program? I believe the problem lies with the proper training of the staff. If the business did not perform an Evaluation they would have never been the wiser about this problem. This computer program was implemented to help save the staff time, and document the client’s information. Evaluation includes whatever ways you can find to think about what you've done, what is going wrong, what could be better, what needs to be fixed now, what can wait, etc.
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