Wk 2 Lan Topology Design and Cabling Specifications

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LAN Topology Design and Cabling Specifications
Rhonda Turner
Steve Acklin
January 27, 2013

LAN Topology Design and Cabling Specifications
Best Betts Gaming Company is opening a new local Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. They have purchased an existing hotel with approximately five-hundred guest rooms. They also own another casino outside of Pahrump, NV. Their main purpose is to setup telecommunications within three departments for customer service inside and outside the hotel. The three departments are PBX, room reservations and the front desk. There is a limited budget. The staff in all three departments would total 25 employees. Due to the type of business the hours of operation will be 24 hours and workstations will need to be shared by staff from shift to shift. The company will provide IT staff for emergencies and maintenance of telecommunications equipment, interfacing and computer software.

In determining the proper network design we will need to choose the proper network topology by considering the type of equipment needed, equipment capabilities, future growth within the network and how the network will be managed. The four basic topologies are Bus, Star, Ring and Mesh, (CIS370 Understanding Network Architecture, 2013).

Expectations for the Local Area Network (LAN) is to supply proper cabling to support current technology in order to perform various functions such as video conferencing, IT development and VoIP, etc.. The network infrastructure would have to include various servers such as file, backup, development, peer to peer client/servers. In addition to the servers the infrastructure would need desktop clients for workstations and code storage. Additional codes would need to be created under code development as well as internal domains for existing and future employees.

Local Area Network (LAN) Topologies
Money, length of cable needed, future growth, and...
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