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The Perpetuation Endeavor
(For Windows 7)

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Chew-WGA was designed to test the security resistance of various software protections built into Windows 6.1.x operating systems, and is intended for educational purposes only. It works by making certain changes to the software protection platform and the multilingual user interface resources. This utility should never be executed on a system intended for continual use. If you want to use your copy of Windows continually, you are required to purchase a license.


Run “slmgr.vbs –xpr” and write down the expiration information, perhaps on a desktop sticky note.

2. If you have any data that you’d like to backup for safe-keeping, then this would be the best time to handle that. 3. Run the “CW.eXe” application and click “Apply” to install or “Revert” to uninstall. Only the applicable button will appear. Be patient, as the process may take several minutes to complete. Do not interrupt it; it will not get stuck unless it shows a popup error. When the patching has finished, you will see either a message that “Chew-WGA has been installed!” or “Chew-WGA failed to uninstall!” If it fails, a log will be placed on your desktop. 4. If you want to test it, change your system date to several years past your grace period expiration. After moving your date forward, let it run for at least 2 hours and take notice of any of the following results:  A notice about the expiration date being reached.

 A text watermark on the desktop that says “For testing purposes”  A text watermark on the desktop that says “This copy of Windows is not genuine”  The desktop and taskbar automatically change to a non-existent theme featuring the notorious all-black wallpaper.  The system reboots itself without permission every 2 hours.  When running the Control Panel, WordPad, Windows Photo Viewer,...
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