Witnes by Peter Weir

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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In the assignment that I am going to explore “A world of Difference” and show connections between the four texts I have selected they are: Witness by Peter Weir (Film), Meg Merrilies by John Keats (Poem), The Bath by Janet Frame (S/S) and What I ever wanted by Vikki Wakefield (Novel). This texts/film has similarities or connections through characters that are involved in them are: Rachael (Film), Meg (Poem)? Unnamed (s/s) and Jemima (Novel). Through them involved the way he/she live, background (Culture) and appearance. “Different cultures and people have their own way of living.” In the film “Witness” directed by Peter Weir is an interesting genre that shares two different worlds. “The Amish world and the Modern world.” It shares the way people live and expectations in life. How two worlds are similar and differences. Through the film, it shows that a young woman (Rachael) and her Son (Samuel) who travelled out of the Amish world to the Modern world. They have noticed the differences from their world and the modern world in which they are living a city life. Samuel had invested a crime with his own eyes for the first time ever in his life. He had never seen violence; he then shared what he had seen to the cops. He is frightened of what had happened. What hit me is that he was a smart boy, who knows how to survive, that he hid away from the criminal who heard him in the Male’s room (Toilet). Rachael is his mother who care so much about him. She did not panic but she stayed calmed and shows confident in the way she talks and reacts. Rachael is an Amish young woman who lives with her father Eli and her son Samuel. Her husband passed away and she is known as a Widow. She has a prosperous home, a family but without electricity and showers. Her appearance is according to her background, culture protocol of what she wears from the Modern days 1982. In her culture, the frames of her life they have never seen violence, no guns and weapon are allowed, as well no music,...