Without Water, We Wouldn’t Exist

Topics: Water, Life, Earth Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Water is a precious source because all our daily activities are carried out with the help of water only. Water is found everywhere but not everywhere it is drinkable/usable. Though the sees have no lack of water but still we can't drink or use it anywhere. Water helps in nourishment of animals and plants. We can't live without water and because it is scarce.This is because water is the elixir of life.Life would not have been able to come into existence without.The first life forms began from water.The reason for it being such a precious resource is because it sustains life on Earth.Hence we cannot afford to waste or contaminate it mostly because of our benefit of existence from it.There will be some organisms that will still survive, but the quote "precious resource" is quoted in relation with our existence.It remains precious resource as we might loose all life without it.Water is abundant, but clean water is precious. We are constantly using our not-so-endless supply of clean water, in our showers, toilets, sinks, ect. and soon it will run out. Sure we could filter dirty water and use it as clean water, but too much resources and money would go into this. Clean water is a precious resource, so stop using it like its never ending, the more clean water we use, the more it gets dirty. Water does get recycled through rain, but thanks to pollution that rainwater is dirty (acid rain) and should not be drunken or used. my solution, trees are the answer and we should stop the damn pollution.Because all animals, including us, need it to drink. Parts of the world there is a shortage and people are starting to go to war over it. Some countries are actively diverting rivers and invading countries to that they can control the stuff. In the western world it is not too bad, but in africa and the middle east there is an increasing problem. South Western USA is also starting to suffer and in a few years when Lake Meade(sp) runs dry will suffer a lot. Talking of the USA, there...
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