Without Oil

Topics: Earth, Hydrocarbon, World Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: November 1, 2011
A World Without Oil
The President of the United States has recently announced that by the start of the year 2012, the nations of the world will no longer be able to acquire oil. Once a world dependent on petroleum, we will now have to thrive as a species without it. The world we know today will never exist the same way again after we run out of the earth's oil. We rely on oil for nearly everything- transportation (which remember, all our goods are delivered around the world by), heat, energy plants, etc. So what does this mean for the world? Our entire society is currently dependent upon oil. Large plants that produce our typical house hold foods use oil for their production. Even worse than that, our agricultural business heavily relies on an oil source. They use large machines and fertilizers to maintain their products and to continue with producing a surplus of them to supply citizens. Oil is even needed for their manufacturing, on top of the actual distribution on farms. Also, our food is delivered to local grocery stores by vehicles, which rely on oil. In addition, the asphalt the vehicles drive on is made from petroleum. We are completely dependent on oil for our food, which is obviously the most important necessity in life. Petroleum touches basically every industry and business in the world. All the power that we have in our homes comes from an energy plant that depends on the usage of oil. Roofing tiles and tar paper, which builds houses, are made from petroleum. Humanity would not survive very long without shelter. Also, many medications are made from petroleum. We are a planet completely and entirely reliant on oil. The majority of products you will find in your home are made from petroleum. We are am extremely lazy society, and we civilization will crumble without this source. The future is looking helpless and cynical for humanity. We are desperate and need to find another source before it is too late. People are already starting to think...
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