Without Gregory, Would Christianity Have Never Come to Britain?

Topics: Christianity, Christian, Roman Empire Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Without Gregory, would Christianity have never come to Britain? Some people agree that without Gregory Christianity would not have become successful in Britain. This is because Gregory had the desire to start missionary work in Britain, after seeing the pagan slaves, Angles, in the marketplace. If Gregory did not have the desire, no one would have gone to Britain at the time and it would have not developed into the primarily Christian country it is today. Gregory had also supported Augustine during the mission. He gathered the monks and organised the journey and the equipment and money. Also Gregory encouraged Augustine to continue the mission after the monks had feared over the depiction of the English. If Gregory had not been determined to start missionary work in Britain, Augustine and the monks would have returned and Christianity would have come to Britain much later and would not be as established as it is today. Gregory had discouraged the use of force to convert the pagans and had allowed them to join Christianity if they were personally convinced by the preaching. Gregory instructed Augustine and his monks to retain Pagan temples and not use force to convert pagans. Forcing people to convert to Christianity would not have been acceptable by Gregory’s standards and would alienate those that they were aiming to convert. Other people think that Christianity would have been successful in Britain without Gregory. They think this because they were many attempts to bring Christianity to Britain, with the first known attempt way before Gregory’s time in the First century AD. Even though these attempts were unsuccessful, a small number of people were converted and became Christians. Augustine was the actual person that made the real attempts to convert. He took part in the mission and he was the one that actually preached the word of God successfully enough to convert the King of Kent, Ethelbert. This led to thousands of other Britons becoming Christians. If...
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