With the High Turnover Which Characteristic Employment in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Organisations It Is Impossible for These Organisations to Be Concerned with Engaging and Motivating Employees.

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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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The highly turnover rate of employees in tourism, hospitality and event organisation, which is a serious issue concerned by every company, is defined as company’s employees leave their job at a relatively high rate in certain industry. High turnover can result from various numbers of issues of employee which may ignore or neglect by certain company in a certain extract (e.g. dissatisfaction of work, overload work, emergence of competitors, poor management etc). But what is the main reason that caused high turnover in certain industry is that organisations fail to realize the importance of engaging and motivating employees. They tend to assumed that this action is such a waste of time and it is more important to focus on employee’s performance.

There are few factors that caused high turnover which can be listed out. Firstly, over burden of work may causes dissatisfaction among employees. They tend to think that they are doing a double or even triple job, but they only get a single salary which is underpaid. Moreover, it is common for a professional to know the benefits of equivalent positions. Thus, to fulfil the needs and wants of an individual, one will look for a job with a better salary and consumption and as a result leave the current organisation. Besides that, for an extended of time, some may feel tired of working in a boring and uninspiring job positions which would lead them to change job which is more attractive and challenging compare to the previous organisation.
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