With Reference to Your Own Experience of Group Work and Theory and Research, Discuss the Potential Problems with Motivation and Performance in Work Groups. Consider These from Both the Perspectives of Individual

Topics: Social psychology, Social loafing, Audience effect Pages: 4 (1711 words) Published: May 16, 2011
It has been widely proven, that peoples motivation and performance is different whilst they are a member of a group, than they it would be whilst working alone. Many scholars have researched the reasons as to why in depth, and have had interesting conclusions, both relating to the effects on the individual and then to the group as a whole. I aim to discuss these reasons, whilst drawing on my own experiences, in the hope that I can identify some possible solutions. The thing to consider in this scenario is groups versus individuals. Kerr & Park (2003) state, ‘…the effect of the presence of others on performance, one of psychology’s oldest questions, remains relevant for the study of group performance.’ When one is working on a project alone, they have no option but to put in one-hundred percent effort and remain motivated throughout in order to be successful. However, when they are part of a group-effort, they are able to slack in performance and still have a fighting opportunity for success. I can refer personally to group-work in which I was involved in back in my secondary school days. I was part of a group called ‘Young Enterprise’ where I acted as an assistant to the marketing director, along with two other members. We were entrusted to handle the advertising of our product, and obviously had to work together but also had individual tasks. I was not prepared for the role when I assigned to it, and often passed my work onto the other assistants. Propp (1999) believes it is necessary ‘…for members to share their individual knowledge with the group and for the group as a collective unit to evaluate and use effectively its member’s informational resources...’ in order to succeed. Working in a group can be seen as a way of encouraging motivation and in-turn helps the success of the task in question which is known as Social Facilitation; this represents a process in which people's performance varies depending on whether or not they are in the presence of others....
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