With Reference to Your Media Clip, Write a 2000 Word Report/Essay, Using Literature and Theory to Support the Writing, to Demonstrate Understanding of the Communication Strategies Used Within the Clip and to Identify

Topics: Communication, Health care, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 7 (3009 words) Published: May 14, 2013
With reference to your media clip, write a 2000 word report/essay, using literature and theory to support the writing, to demonstrate understanding of the communication strategies used within the clip and to identify aspects (within the clip) relating to security and belonging in relationships and the importance of effective communication within relationships.

In 2006 the BBC made a documentary called ‘I’m a child anorexic’ (appendix 1) it focuses on "Rhodes Farm" - a treatment clinic in north London that specialises in children suffering from anorexia nervosa from girls as young as 12 years old. The programme follows the girls’ highs and lows at the clinic – the initial tantrums as they struggle to eat the foods they fear most, their interactions with staff, the friendships they make, their family dealings and then the tears of sadness when they finally have to leave. The documentary focuses primarily on the struggle of 2 young girls in particular, 12-year-old Natasha and 13-year-old Naomi. I have chosen this clip because as well as educating about anorexia in young girls, it does a brilliant job of illustrating different types of relationships the girls have with the people surrounding them during this difficult time. It portrays variances in communication between them and their families, carers and peers. It also reveals how the young girls are feeling during their time at the clinic and demonstrates examples of how they are made to feel isolated and different. Wherever you are and however you may be nobody likes to feel isolated and alone; being part of a community has a positive impact on your life. A sense of loneliness leads to feelings of sadness and anxiety, which consequently can complicate health problems. In health care settings in particular it is important that individuals feel a sense of belonging among other things. For this reason if progress is to be made by the girls at Rhodes Farm then is important that their care follows the ‘relationship-centred’ framework. This framework has been developed so that all participants (staff included) experience a sense of: security, belonging, continuity, purpose, achievement and significance (Nolan et al. 2006). Whilst this framework was designed with a focus on older people, the six senses have wider applicability to other clinical areas to. The concept is that if all these senses are met, then the care you are giving and receiving is at its highest possible level. Throughout the clip there are various scenes that demonstrate how happy the girls are to have one another. It is extremely important, in their fragile states that they are not going through this journey alone and the fact that there are other girls of similar ages going through the same thing means that the girls can all relate to one another. This is important because it makes them conscious that they are not the only ones that are suffering with this illness. By establishing these close friendships the girls are achieving a sense of belonging within the clinic. Having others that are going through the same as them also gives them the security to know they are not alone, which helps to ease sadness and pain. It is through communication that we build these friendships. Effective mutual communication is of paramount importance. Research shows that in order to make a difference to children’s lives healthcare practitioners must be able to relate to the children, support them in making decisions, listen to them, and involve them. “Good communication between healthcare professionals and patients is essential” (Nice 2012). There are numerous scenes in the clip where Dr Dee Dawson founder of Rhodes Farm (referred to as Dr D throughout) is seen talking directly to the girls, both individually and in group situations; and in my opinion she does not always demonstrate good communication or meet all the senses from the framework I have mentioned earlier. It can be very difficult to judge what a child...
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