With or Without

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Name: Julia ruitenbeek
Assignment: Compare and contrast summary
Date: 2/20/2013
Draft: #1

In the compare and contrast essay With or Without by Susanne Jensen, the author shows how different her mother’s childhood was compared to her own childhood, because her own mother grew up without her mother. The author’s mother grew up in the country. The only family she had was her father and a half-sister. Money was scarce so she helped out on the farm and didn’t have any time for leisure activities. For example, she didn’t have a mother to take her to the park. She wasn’t there when my mother needed a mother to confide in. The author grew up with both of her parents in a tranquil and child-friendly neighborhood. The author and the mother didn’t always have the best way of communication; she does remember all the wonderful things they did together such as decorating the Christmas tree. Most important of all, the author’s mom was there when she needed her, even when she didn’t thought she needed her. The author and her mother grew up in different environments, so they look back at it with different views and emotions. The author’s mother grew up being independent and learned to take responsibility at a very young age. The worst thing the author mentioned is that her mother possesses very few pictures and things form her childhood that would help her remember her mother. On the other hand, the author has lots of memories from her childhood with the help of pictures and stories. Looking back at her childhood, the author feels fortunate to have a mother. She will always cherish the times she has had with her mother.
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