With Mum or Friend

Topics: Mother, 2007 singles, Mother insult Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Talking to your mom and talking to your friend
In order to keep our life rolling under our own power, we need to grip control over our emotion. In line with this, we need someone to hear all of our thoughts and feelings. Be it our mother or friends. In a day, we can’t bottle up our feelings all to ourselves or else we might explode one day. By having someone to talk to, we get advice from other’s point of view and learn to improve in life day by day. But the problem is who we should talk to. Who is the one that we can share everything without hiding anything and also can give us shelter and feeling of secure at the same time? Is it our precious mother who has given us the chance to live in this world or our close friends that constantly be with us through thick and thin? Talking to friends is easier compare to talking to mom. In fact, when talking to your mom, you need to control your manner and use the proper language. Our mom is older than us, so we need to respect her. Friends are between the ranges of our age. No matter how ‘rough’ you talk to your friends, they never care about manner and proper language. If we talk to mom in the same manner as our friends, we might break her feelings. In other words, our ability to talk to mom is limited. We can share our teenager live, love and bad or good experience to our friends without any boundary. That is why sometimes talking to friend is easier compared talking to mother. Nowadays, most moms are busy with work. They usually come back home late and they does not have enough time to talk with their sons or daughter. Compare with friends, there is a lot time being together. Teenagers like to spend most of their time with their friends. They hang out together and share everything, whether it is happy or sad matter, no matter where and when. Therefore, it is preferable to talk with friend rather than mom. On the contrary, talking to your mom is somehow more comfortable than talking to friends in terms of things to...
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