With Independence Comes Greater Responsibility.

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"With independence comes greater responsibility."

Ring! Ring! the alarm clock wakes me up at precisely 7:30 am on the first day of summer. My parents rush into my room yelling at me to get up. I’m oblivious to what’s happening because my eyes are still half closed. As I regain my senses I see that my parents are wearing tank-tops and shorts. Instantly I remember that we’re going to China for the summer. After that commotion my parents left the room leaving me with two empty bags to be filled with my belongings that would last me two months. It’s inevitable that I’ll forget something, I mean I always do. Every summer we go to vacations and I always forget to bring the right amount of underwear or my prescribed cream because usually my mom does it for me. This time it’s different, I’m older and I should be able to do it myself. I arbitrarily put everything in my bag. From every item of clothing, every pair of shoes plus the things in between.

Next thing you know I’m at the airport with my parents unloading our luggage onto a cart. Inside, at the terminal desk the woman behind the counter was telling us that they were overbooked causing us to get upgraded to first class, but there was a problem. There were only two spots available, and one of us had to wait for the next flight. I told my parents that i wanted to stay behind, i mean, i wanted to prove to them that i was responsible enough plus it was kind of romantic for them to be alone. They actually listened to what i had to say and gave me what i wanted. Fast forward to the plane being boarded i was watching my parents leave without me, i had a little anxiety because it would be the first time that my parents let me go alone.

Soon after they left i went to my gate with the help of the airport employees because i didn’t have a clue where anything was. I was on my own and i felt a little heartache watching the families around me having fun and bonding. We were being called onto the plane. First they...
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