With Honors Movie Review

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The film centers on Montgomery 'Monty' Kessler (Brendan Fraser) a government senior student at Harvard University, who thinks his life depends on his thesis. When his computer crashes, Monty decides that the reasonable thing to do is to rush to make copies of the only hard copy of the thesis he has. But on the way to the copy shop, he has an accident and the thesis falls into the boiler room of the library and into the hands of Simon Wilder (Joe Pesci), a homeless man who has made a makeshift home in there. At first, there is tension between the two, as Monty is outraged for the deal he is forced to make with Simon: for each day of food and shelter, Monty gets one page of the thesis. As time goes by, Monty realizes that there is more to Simon than meets the eye. The relationship with the bearded vagabond changes Monty's view of life, and it also affects his housemates, who include Everett (Patrick Dempsey), a wisecracking radio host; Courtney (Moira Kelly), who is immature and sex-obsessed; and the studious nerd Jeff (Josh Hamilton). Simon becomes something of a father figure to Monty, argues history with Professor Pitkannan, and provides an earthy balance to the overly academic viewpoint of the students. The relationship between Monty and Simon develops into a strong friendship and Monty soon learns that there is more to life than graduating with honors.


Harvard University

* Simon Wilder- A homeless man
* Monty Kessler - The too-absorbed and government senior student at Harvard University * Courtney Blumenthal - Monty’s housemate; immature and sex-obsessed * Everett Calloway - A wisecracking radio host; another housemate; the kind of guy who has cultivated an ironic, florid manner * Jeffrey Hawks - Studious Nerd


WITH HONORS is a thoughtful and well done little "slice of life" with a moral we've all heard before: do what makes you happy and take time to live...
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