With Age Comes Wisdom

Topics: Thought, Psychology, Reasoning Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: February 13, 2013
With Age Comes Wisdom
Date: February 2, 2013
Course: PSY\220

When people think of wisdom the immediately think of it as someone who has scholarly knowledge or received a lot of learning, but it could also be defined as having the knowledge of what is true or right. When asked what is wisdom the common answer is the gift of knowing everything but it is more of a person possessing an open mind to further increase their knowledge. People gain most of their wisdom not from a classroom but from their life experiences as a book can only teach us so much.

There are six attributes that are characteristics of a wise person they are as follows; reasoning ability, sagacity, learning from ideas and the environment, judgment, expeditious use of information. Reasoning ability is the ability to look at a problem and to be able to solve the problem through good logical reasoning and applying knowledge to particular problem. Sagacity is an understanding of human nature, thoughtfulness, fairness good listening ability, and placing value on the advice and knowledge of others. Learning from ideas and the environment is being perceptive and learning from the mistakes of others. Judgment means the person has good sensible judgment and thinks in long-term rather in short-term results before acting and speaking. Expeditious use of information is when the person learns from an experience whether it is a mistake or a success. Perspicacity is a person’s perceptiveness, intuition, and the ability to read between the lines.

Choosing a person that possesses wisdom could be harder than what you think, however one iconic figure did come to mind and that would be Helen Keller. When Helen Keller was only eighteen months old she contacted an illness that resulted in a very high fever that the doctor termed “brain fever” as a result of the this illness in Keller loosing bother her sight and her hearing. Helen Keller was really unable to communicate with...
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