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Reformation in Europe in 16th century


Sarajevo, October 2012

Action Plan
For this essay I choose to write about witchcraft in the 16th and 17th century since I find the topic extremely interesting the write about. Given that we only have a paragraph about it in out History textbooks, I will have to look into other books and also search the internet to find what I need for the essay. * Read about the topic from my History textbook

* Find information from other books such as the book People that Changed the World * Go online and research about witchcraft, but avoid unapproved websites * Collect as much relevant data as possible and concentrate it all in one document * Decide on the focus question based on the collected data * Set up a couple of sub-questions that will help me better answer the focus question * Make the structure of the essay

Focus question: What was witchcraft mania and to what extend did it affect the lives of women in 16th and 17th century in Europe?

* For what reason did the witchcraft mania begin?
* Who were mainly subjects of accusations for practicing witchcraft? * What was considered as witchcraft and what did a person have to do to be called a witch? * How did the witchcraft mania affect women?

* What were the consequences of the witchcraft mania

1. Paragraph – I will explain what witchcraft is and why did it begin. 2. Paragraph – I will address the subjects of accusation for witchcraft (Women) and explain why particular people were considered witches 3. Paragraph – I will explain how witchcraft mania affected lives of women 4. Paragraph – I will make a conclusion about witchcraft mania based on the written paragraphs and shortly explain the consequences of witchcraft mania in general.

Area of Interaction

As area of interaction for the topic Witchcraft mania I choose Community and Service. Since this mania had a massive effect on the community then, and even now, it can be connected to this AOI. Women thought history have always been regarded as less valuable that man and that was also the case during this period as they were a target community for accusations for practicing witchcraft. This affected their lives greatly but it also affected the community of 16th and 17th century Europe, North America and World in general.

16th and 17th century were marked by big changes as the unity of faith had fallen apart and Antiquity was restored. The oneness of the Catholic Church was destroyed by the reformation and people established a new relationship with God, nature and art. This was also the era of great discoveries that affected the society greatly – mostly in a good way. However, this was also a period in which Europe was in a Crisis as a result of all the changes that had happened during the previous century. One of the crises was the witchcraft mania which began long before the 16th century, but it became more aggressive at this time as a result of all the changes that were happening in Europe and in the World. Witchcraft in some contexts is the use of supernatural or magical powers or spells for good or for evil. During the Middle Ages, up to the Renaissance period, the “Wise women” – the White witches were seen as extremely helpful and invaluable members of the community. They possessed the knowledge of the healing properties of plants and herbs which was of immense importance for the society. So the question is: Why people started loathing these witches all of a sudden if they were so valuable to them? The answer is simple – the bad press given to witchcraft can be attributed to just one book The Hammer of Witches published in 1486 by two Dominican inquisitors vividly describing the satanic and sexual abomination of witches and witchcraft. This resulted...
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