Witch & Wizard Thegift

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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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Witch & Wizard: The Gift

The time in which the story takes place is modern day. Setting does not take place in one place because the main characters travel a lot.

The conflict of the story is Whit and Wisty trying to bring down the new order.

Wisty finds out that she has a very special gift. She has an extraordinary amount of magic power.

Main Characters
The main characters are Wisty a young red headed witch girl, Whit the brother of Wisty is a seventeen year old wizard. Bryan Swain the young teenager that befriends Wisty and Whit.

Main Character info

Wisty is a young red headed girl who is a witch, she is more of the main highlight of the story although whit and Wisty both share it. Whit the brother of Wisty is a seventeen year old wizard.

5 Vocabulary words
Weasel: a small furry animal with a long body.
Mortal: Being human posing no god like powers.
New order: The new way of thinking.
The one who is the one: is the person who is controlling the new world. Hammock: A bed made from a blanket tied between two trees.
Magic: a type of mystical power.

Whit explains that we don’t have much time. Whit’s sister Wisty is about to be executed by flames. He must recap about what happened recently. Whit walks into town, because if he ran he could be captured too. Whit looks around for somebody, anybody; but almost no one is around because they are getting ready

for the execution. Finally Whit sees somebody, he jogs but does not run to him. Whit asks the well dressed man when and where is the execution taking place. The well dressed man looks at his watch and says right now at the park around the corner. Whit then says thank you then starts running right passed the man as fast as he possibly can. Whit sees the gate to the part close by, he is almost there. Everyone in the crowd is cheering Death to the witch! Whit screams NO! At the top of his lungs, but his loud screams go unheard over the...
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