Witch Child

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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Witch Child Account - Claire Nadira
Witch Child is a children’s book by Celia Rees, first published by Bloomsbury in the year 2000. The novel conveys a story how Mary Newbury, a convicted witch, who had to flee from England by boat and take refuge in New World America. In the boat, she meets with a new group of friends, Martha, who was the old healer woman, Tobias, Jonah’s outgoing son, and the Riverses, a family of fine puritans who were willing to take care of Mary. To ensure survival, Mary must refrain from uncovering her identity. The plot of the story is linear, and all of the events are chronologically ordered. The plot also focuses on a year in the Life of Mary Newbury and the actions generally take place in the ship that was bound for Salem and the town of Salem itself. The story begins with an introduction of Mary, and a background of the witch persecution that occurred in seventeenth century England. In the middle of the story, where more internal and external conflicts begin to rise, the pace speeds up and more actions happen in every entry. However, there is no clear resolution in the end. Mary’s diary ended with an unfinished sentence that keeps the reader eager to find out more about her adventures. A first person narrator tells the story through Mary’s perspective, as the novel is made in a diary like form. Therefore, we, the readers, feel as if we are taken through the journey with Mary. We can relate through Mary’s sorrow when she had to witness the execution of her grandma, and sense the fear of her identity being revealed during her voyage in the ship. During every diary entry, we are taken through different adventures and develop a greater connection with Mary. We empathize on Mary when Reverend Cromwell discovers her true identity and get terrified during Reverend Cromwell’s attempts of persecuting her. The theme of the story is that you cannot hide your true identity, because at the end of the day, the truth will reveal itself. Mary who...
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