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My ambition in life         
Most people in the world have some ambitions in life. A petty merchant has an ambition to become a big business man, a clerk to be a high officer, a student to be a doctor or engineer. Some desire for wealth, some desire for fame and reputation. A proper aim in life keeps a person shining and glowing in his future life.  My aim in life is neither to collect money this or by that way nor for fame. It is my desire to become a well qualified doctor or a scientist. I do not just wish to be an ordinary doctor who spends his times in his laboratory trying to find out new drugs and medicines to remove the suffering of millions of people. The world remembers with thankfulness the name of the man who gave to the world vaccination.

As a doctor it is my real wish to server the badly suffering humanity too. Our country is still under development and it has become necessary for all of us, especially for doctors to achieve sound progress in the field of new drugs and medicines.

In my opinion, wealth, fame and any other kind of materialistic gain are hollow and baseless if earned through unfair means. In my ambition, it is great wish to help the suffering people. For lawful earnings it will be my foremost dut to server the humanity, by going to the rural areas of this under developed country in order to help the poor and humble people for their happiness and entire satisfaction.

French :
   Je veux devenir médecin
  La plupart des gens dans le monde ont des ambitions dans la vie. Un petit commerçant a pour ambition de devenir un grand homme d'affaires, un greffier pour être un haut fonctionnaire, un étudiant d'être un médecin ou un ingénieur. Certains désir de richesse, un désir de gloire et de réputation. Un objectif approprié dans la vie maintient une personne brillante et éclatante dans sa vie future.

  Mon but dans la vie n'est pas de collecter de l'argent ce soit par de cette façon, ni pour la gloire. C'est mon désir de...
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