Wise Judgment Scenario

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  • Published : April 4, 2011
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Wise Judgment Scenario

PSY 220 Axia College

In this situation a young girl feels she is ‘in love’ with her boyfriend. He is 17 years of age. He keeps pushing her to have sex and tells her they will only have ‘protected’ sex. This is an example of needing to use wise judgment in daily life. We are constantly faced with decisions that require wise judgment. This girl will have to employ five components to reach a decision in this situation. If the decision she makes is wise, it will be of the greatest benefit to her. Factual knowledge about matters of life is the first component that must be considered. This element considers human nature, social norms and interpersonal relations (Bolt, 2004). This factor will allow the girl to evaluate her own motives and the motives of her boyfriend when he pressures her for sex. From this knowledge, she can deduce that her boyfriend is considering only his emotional response to his currently adolescent hormone storms. This would be human nature. She can also deduce that he is likely to be trying to conform to socially held norms. His friends may be pressuring him to take this action. He would be trying to fit in with his friends. Procedural knowledge will be the second factor in wise judgment. This concerns those strategies that we use for coping with each of our life issues, conflicts and advice. (Bolt, 2004). By making use of this component, she can determine what the consequences of having sex at her age may be. She can use her own opinions and advice to see if she can alter his opinion about having to have sex now. This component can also give her insight into her own objectives and goals with reference to sex. Lifespan contextualism is the next component. This factor gives her a perspective of her problem in relation to the context of her larger life (Bolt, 2004). This component changes as our lives change and as we develop. In this case, she has to be able to assess her...
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